A blog about a squatter in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

At the intersection of homelessness, Zombie houses, internet scams, 1% motorcycle clubs, cancer, and autism, we find SavvyAnna Redhawk. Real name Valerie Reamer, she runs a con asking for help because she is homeless and dying. She claims she doesn’t have much time left. She fears dying alone. She claims bad people are after her, including outlaw bikers, her previous case worker, and previous friends.

Unsuspecting victims then are lured in, and begin the process of helping her. The scam only starts there. Once she has you on the hook she will become very aggressive and demanding. She may even become violent. If you appeal to law enforcement for help, she will retaliate and tell law enforcement you are abusing her. Law enforcement, having to make split second decisions on the spot, will very possibly take her word over yours, and put you in jail.

At this point, you have been duped into a scam based on pure emotion, you realize you have been had, and you’re furious. Add to that she has accused you of awful crimes, and she is actively recruiting others in the community to take her side. You may do something stupid at this point. Don’t. This will only support her claims to the police that you are abusing her. Even harmless things like posting on Facebook about the issue will generate 911 calls claiming abuse and harassment. In this way she will attempt to silence you while she continues assassinating your character in public forums.

What is she telling people? That she is sick, she is homeless, she is being abused, and bad people are after her. Unsuspecting people reach out to help her and the process starts all over again. Who are those bad people? They are the very ones that were helping her before.

Don’t be those bad people.

It’s OK to just let her die.